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Study Finds The Way You Hang Toilet Paper Says A Lot About Your Personality


It’s one of the biggest and most frustrating debates that you will ever have with a person you live with. It’s one of those things that builds up over time, until suddenly you explode because you can’t take it anymore. What exactly are we talking about? Toilet paper of course!

It’s not the type that you use that matters, it’s the direction that you hang the roll. We all have our preferences. Whether you want the paper to go over the roll, or under it, it’s a big difference and a lot of people have some very strong opinions about which way is right.

I know, I know; it seems pretty far-fetched. But as creator Dr. Gilda Carle explained to The Independent’s Indy 100 site, the test is meant to be a “fun way to assess the behaviors [people do] daily, often without thinking,” and, well… you’d be surprised what you can learn about yourself just by paying attention to your seemingly tiny quirks and habits.

In terms of methodology, Carle’s original experimented involved surveying roughly 2,000 people between 18 and 75, both men and women, of various ethnicities. The survey was simple: Carle asked them if they rolled their toilet paper under or over, and then asked a few additional questions on how assertive they thought they were with others. For the assertiveness questions, the participants ranked themselves on a scale of one to 10.

While this test is admittedly pretty light-hearted, it does take into account some actual psychology and understanding of human behavior. It’s interesting to step back and think about what our routine behaviors and choices say about us as people, and I guess toilet paper usage is no exception. If you’re curious about what your toilet paper preference says about you, I’ve broken down the three most telling signs below.

1. If You’re An “Under” Person

People who roll their toilet paper “under” are more likely to be submissive. Common traits found in people who have submissive personality types include being easy-going, patient, flexible, and empathetic. Traditionally, we often see women as submissive, and assume women will use their submissive nature to be caregivers and nurturers in the home, though in reality, anyone can have a submissive personality type.

2. If You’re An “Over” Person 

If you prefer to have the toilet paper “over” the roll, Carle’s survey says you’re more likely to have a dominant personality type. People who have dominant personalities are often characterized by their take-charge, can-do, assertive nature; they also often fill leadership roles. Stereotypically, our culture associates men with dominant personalities, though of course anyone can have them, no matter how they identify.

Bonus: No Holder

Of course there are those who refuse to follow any kind of pattern and just never put the toilet paper back on the holder. You are a rebellious and unpredictable person who is often willing to do something ridiculous to make others laugh.

You are not great at taking advice but tend to give a lot to others. You are social and enthusiastic about meeting new people, but you aren’t afraid to break social conventions so some people may be put off by that.

Do you pick which way the toilet paper goes in your house?

Source: bustle.com, shared.com


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5 Everyday Habits That Reveal A Lot About Your True Personality, According To Science

Scientists who work on human behavior claim that a lot can be understood of a person’s character from his/her everyday habitual actions.

Following are such habits that give away a lot of things about us:


According to Juliet Boghossian, a behavioral food expert and founder of Food-ology:

“Food-related habits can, in fact, reveal facets of an individual’s personality and behavior tendencies. What you want to observe is your ‘consistent’ or ‘typical food related [habits.]”

According to Boghossian:

Slow eaters are confident, level-headed, appreciative; low energy, and often sad.

Fast eaters, on the other hand, are ambitious, goal-oriented, and audacious. They are also impatient and tend to be ill-tempered.

And then there’s the adventurous eater. This is the type that is always looking for new types of food to try. Boghassian asserts this person is a risk-taker, an adrenaline-junkie, but can also be pushy and a busy-body.

Picky eaters are detail-oriented and seek sensations. They also tend to be anxious and neurotic.

And the “isolationist”, the person who eats one thing at a time, is also detail-oriented. They are also careful and can be stubborn.

The next time your loved ones look at you as if you have two heads for your eating habits, you can take some small solace in knowing that it’s just one of those things that make you unique.


Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, clinical psychologist, states that the content of our emails reveals extroverted or narcissistic personality traits.

Extroverts have a tendency to include “fun” topics in their email correspondents. Extroverts love sharing about personal life including dates, parties and activities in their emails.

Narcissists have lower emotional intelligence and will commonly use controlling language in their emails. They tend to use a lot of “I’s,” “Me’s,” and “Mine’s”.

A-ha! There is hidden meaning in that email from your superiors! Not necessarily, but it can give you some clues on what makes them tick.


Plenty of research has found that punctuality is based on a person’s personality. Type A personalities are normally more aggressive and tenacious. Type B personalities are more relaxed and chill. So, Type A personalities will almost always be on time and Type B personalities don’t really get the time hype.

Next time you come across a fanatic about punctuality, there’s a good chance a certain letter will be popping in your head.


A 2015 study found an interesting link between emotional stability and one’s attachment to his or her cell phone.

People who participated in the study answered questions using an agreement-disagreement scale (on a scale from 1 to 10 etc.). They answered questions like “I spend more time than I should on my cell phone” or “I get agitated when my cellphone is not in sight.”

Scientists found that people who were more addicted to their phones displayed less emotional stability than those without a cell phone addiction. Maybe it’s time to leave your phone alone during dinner.


One of the most old-as-time-itself arguments is the proper way to place a toilet paper roll in the toilet paper roll holder. You know the deal…loose sheet hanging under the roll, or over the roll? You probably have a preference. And it turns out your opinion in this matter can suggest something quite noteworthy about your personality. Fun!

Here’s what happened: Researchers conducted a survey consisting of 200- men and women. They inquired about “toilet paper hanging” habits. In particular, subjects were question on whether they insert the roll with the loose sheet hanging over or under.

Their findings suggest that those who prefer the TP over are more dominant, while those who prefer it under are more submissive.

However, I don’t think the researchers took into consideration whether the participants had a cat or not.

These little quirks help make us who we are. While our uniqueness is what helps set us apart from others, it’s also one of the many things that makes the world all the more interesting.

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