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Lose Belly Fat And Tighten Your Tummy In 1 Month With The Plank Challenge


Do you have problems with your belly shape? Are you still dreaming about having 6 packs abs? We have a solution for you. We bet that you have heard of the plank, haven’t you? We also assume that you underestimate the effectiveness of this exercise.

Unlike crunches, which are more common in abs workouts, the plank is a static exercise. However, this fact does not make it easier. What is more, the plank involves the work of a lot more muscles. The main emphasis is still on the upper torso.

The so-called corset muscles are largely exerted when you are standing in the plank position. It might seem to be easy but, trust us, this single exercise will make you sweat harder than a hundred crunches. The thing is that your muscles are always tense during a static workout.

This way they will become stronger in a shorter period of time.

Now let’s get down to the deal. Today we want to challenge you. This challenge is going to last for 21 days so the tasks will be split into 3 weeks. Let’s nail it!

Week 1

Begin by holding the plank position at least for half a minute, then start increasing the time of holding the position each day, and try to reach up to 1 minute.

Week 2

When you start the second week of exercising, raise the maximum up to a minute and a half, and try to reach that limit as well!

Week 3


To strengthen your belly even more, when you start the third week of exercising, raise the maximum for 1 more minute, don’t give up and try to reach it!

In order to achieve your goals, you must stay determined and focused through the 3 weeks of exercising, the exercises might look simple, but they are harder than you can imagine, which is why they provide such amazing effects.

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6 Simple Exercises For A Flat Belly Which You Can Do Right In A Chair

Did you know that you don’t have to lie down to work your ab muscles? One can tone his stomach on the bus, in the office, or any other place he chooses. Below are 6 exercises for a flat belly that you can do right in a chair.

6 Exercises for a Flat Belly That You Can Do Right in a Chair


Planks are very effective in toning the abs, so they are ideal when you are wanting to reduce belly fat. The steps to performing planks in a chair are

  • Place your hands on the edge of your chair and and walk your feet backwards until they are hip-width apart and your body is at a comfortable angle.
  • Lift your hips so that your body is completely straight from shoulder to heels.
  • Hold this position for 20 to 60 seconds.

Alternate Your Elbows and Knees

This is one of the funner workouts because it requires a lot of movement.

  • Sit in a chair with your back straight.
  • Place your hands either on the sides of your head or around your head.
  • Begin twisting your body by raising your right knee to meet your left elbow.
  • Hold this position for one second before alternating knees and elbows.
  • Repeat for the desired amount of reps.

Double Knee Lift

This exercise will gently work your stomach muscles.

  • Hold the sides of the chair with both hands and keep your legs together.
  • Keep your back straight as you lift your knees to your chest. You know you’re lifting your knees correctly if you feel your abs tense.
  • Lower your feet, but don’t allow them to touch the floor.

Leg Pull-ins

This belly workout is a little harder than the others.

  • Sit on the front edge of the chair and extend your legs.
  • Hold the edges of the chair that are behind you.
  • Raise your legs six inches from the floor and lean back.
  • Begin bringing your knees towards your chest as you lean forward.
  • This exercise is repeated by extending your legs out then forcefully bringing your knees to your chest.

Reclining Curl

This is an easier workout.

  • Sit on the front of the chair and lean backwards. Your head should be hovering over the back of the chair, and your arms should be extended.
  • Allow your back and head to hover as close to the chair as possible without actually touching it.
  • Hold this position for as long as you’d like.

Bored Ab Trick

Appearing bored has toning benefits. This inconspicuous workout can be done in the office or any public place.

  • Sit in front of a desk or table.
  • Place your right elbow on the desk with your head on or near your right hand.
  • Raise your right foot an inch or two off the floor as you lean into your right elbow.
  • Alternate elbows and feet as you repeat for your desired amount of reps.

With these workouts, getting in shape doesn’t have to clash with your daily schedule. Exercises for a flat belly can be very convenient. Try these workouts, and before you know it, you’ll be saying “hello” to a flatter stomach.

Source: http://positivemed.com