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Do You Know Your Hand Can Reveal About Children You Will Have In The Future


There is no fixed age to be parents, as it depends on the expectations of each person, however, it is generally between 25 and 35 years old. That biological clock we have some suddenly sounds to us, and that’s when we start planning the children.

All these plans that we do, often end up being different, depends on our relationships, our work or circumstances that we can not control. All the techniques and tricks to guess the future are often suspicious. There are different methods that supposedly reveal facts that will happen in our lives like hand reading or palmistry. To believe or not in them, depends on the philosophy of life of each one of us.

Palmistry is the art of characterizing and fortune telling through the reading of palm lines. These lines can have several meanings related to ones’ health, wealth, destiny, prosperity and fame.

One of the techniques to know how many children we have, is, literally, in our hand. We only have to use the right hand, tighten it in a fist and observe how many defined lines appear at the base of our little finger. The children lines are the upright lines below the base of little finger. In Chinese palmistry reading, they indicate the number of children a person may have and the life status of the children.

If the line of children is forked at the end, it’s an indication of twins. There will be high chances of getting twin babies. (Fig 1)

The deep and wide children lines indicate boys. (Fig 2)

The narrow and shallow children lines are signs of getting baby girls. (Fig 3)

The islands at the beginning of children line indicates the children are usually weak and often get sick during the early ages. (Fig 4)

The islands at the end of children line indicates the children are hard to raise. (Fig 5)

The curved or crooked children lines are an indication of the bad physiques of the children who are often ill. (Fig 6)

That simple, and we can find out. Is it true? Give it a try!

Source: interesting-facts.info, icreative.am


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If You Have A Letter ‘V’ On The Palm Of Your Hand, This Is What It Means

Palmistry is a prehistoric divination for some while others feel that it’s just superstition but whatever may be the case palmistry predictions are as accurate as they can be.

Have you ever spent time looking at the countless number of lines on your hand? Do they mean anything to you? Do you believe that everything that is going to happen in your life is already predestined?

Personally, if you ask me that there is no substitute for hard work, yes your karma and destiny have a huge role to play but one doesn’t just become rich and successful just because of your destiny.

The fate of your life lies in your hands. In fact, according to palmistry, your palm basically contains some lines that can help decide whether you will be a millionaire or not in your life.

Human beings are unique and special in their own way. Everyone you know has the potential to be even more special than they already are if only they have a certain letter on the palm of their hand.

I am sure, it comes as a surprise to many but the lines on your palm have the power to make your life truly extraordinary. Every curve, every trisection and every line on your hand makes for a new change.

You must have heard this innumerable times that “the future lies in your hands”. Thanks to palmistry you know that this is absolutely the truth.

The palm of your hand most definitely holds the key to that may happen in your life. In fact, you will be surprised to see what all these very lines can reveal about you!

Take a minute and look at your hand closely, can you spot the letter V anywhere on your palms? You can spot the “V” at the end of your heart line.

The heart line in palmistry is one of the four main lines that predict a lot about the person. The heart line basically helps to predict your relationships and emotions. It helps to tell you a lot about a person even without knowing them.

In case a person doesn’t have a heart line, such a person is called heartless. Such people do not show any form of regret, love and appreciate anyone apart from themselves.

Breaks in the line of the heart, show that this person likes to change their feelings at the drop of the hat. The reason your heart line is so important is also that it says a lot about your past relationships as well.

For some people, this very heart lines ends by forming the letter V on your palm. It is usually believed that the letter V on your palm is an indication of an unfinished business or personal development.

According to palmistry, people who have the letter V on your palm are extremely lucky, successful and acquire a lot of money in their life. It is also believed that these people are blessed with great fortune and they happen to befriend the best kind of people in their lives.

Such people find friends that are trustworthy and support them through the highs and lows of life. That’s not all people who have a letter V on their palm make a good name for themselves in society and always find lady luck smiling on them. However, their initial life is full of struggle it is only after they turn 35 that life will take a complete U-turn for the better for them.