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The Difference Between A Girlfriend And A Girl Friend. Interesting!

What is the difference between a girlfriend and a girl friend?


Ever pondered what is the distinction between a young lady companion and a better half? No? so you will get the answer in this post beyond any doubt. Span down these 10 clever publications and you will get the acceptable distinction till the end of this post.












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An out of the blue statement by your spouse that he wants a divorce is anything but out of the blue. Rather, this seemingly shocking announcement is typically the result of months or years of a slow withering of love and trust. A slow withering that may have been avoided if the steps below were implemented. Of course, everything is easier said than done.

1. Be a safe harbor for one another

As a marriage counselor I can attest that a major reason many couples wind up on the shoals is because they treat each other’s confidences harshly and thus stop sharing things that leave them feeling vulnerable.

It is essential, then, for you and your partner to feel safe talking to one another when the topic is sensitive — for instance about sex no longer being exciting. If he/she says, “Lately it’s tougher for me to get turned on,” your response is, “Is there something you would like us to try?” versus, “Well, you’re not exactly a thrilling lover for me either!” And if he/she brings up feeling awful about not getting a raise at work, it’s not something you share at a cocktail party.

2. Learn to agree to disagree

In the course of your life together, obviously there are (many) times you will be on opposite sides of an issue. Thus it’s essential to stay on the triggering issue, say, why your spouse is continually late or your love of socializing versus your partner’s enjoyment of staying home. Stay on the topic — this means, don’t bring up past hurts and fights. Listen to your partner — he has a right to have a different viewpoint than you. Focus on problem solving versus blaming or playing victim.

If this seems difficult to do, keep reminding yourself that marriage means you are playing for the same team. The object is to play nicely together, not blow the other person out of the water!

3. A gratitude pronouncement a day

Remember the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” The same principle applies — expressing something to your spouse each day that he does that makes you happy — can keep the divorce lawyer at bay. Indeed, a recent study found that a key component of a happy marriage is regular expressions of spousal gratitude.

This doesn’t have to involve major contortions: Say, “Thank you so much, honey” when your partner walks the dog in the rain, and/or “That shirt looks terrific on you” and/or “How lucky I am to have a husband/wife who really cares about my happiness.”

4. Continually embark on small adventures

As the day-to-day chores and responsibilities of life go on, your relationship begins to feel routine and boring. To maintain a sense of connection, then, it is imperative to have ongoing couple adventures. It could be anything from building a bookcase to going whitewater rafting to cooking classes to ballroom dancing to volunteering together for a candidate (that’s providing you share the same politics!) to saving for a vacation.

Having ongoing goals keeps things fresh and exciting throughout your lives together. Plus, you are creating wonderful memories to look back on as the years roll on.

5. Spend small pockets of quality time together every day

Have time together each day that is sacrosanct, meaning no one can interrupt it, barring an emergency. Perhaps your ‘couple bubble’ is first thing in the morning before you have to take showers, wake the kids and begin the daily grind. And/or before you fall asleep at night, spend time decompressing, hugging, sharing interesting thoughts and events and planning future activities and goals.

Couples that make the effort to share pockets of their day together will spend all their days together.

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With rapid urbanization of the world, concrete jungles have replaced greenery and animal life. A lot of us are privileged enough to live in cities and we enjoy it as well, but even then a lot of people seem to have a strange connection to nature. All of us have our favorite flowers, trees or animals. Preferences when it comes to animals can tell us a lot about our personality as well.

The first animal you found in the picture is indicative of your personality. The reason for this is that we subconsciously choose the animal that is resonating with our soul the most first.







Dove is the sign of hope and peace. It also represents unity. If you saw a dove first, it shows that you have a pure soul. It is an indication of your conflict avoiding nature. Material things do not hold your interest. Your focus in life is becoming a better human being rather than indulging in the worldly pleasures. This makes you work on yourself as a person by acknowledging your mistakes and learning from them instead of getting defensive.


If you see a butterfly first, it is indicative of your hedonistic inclinations. Butterflies stand for beauty and pleasure. Your motto in life is to live in the now. You could not care less about the future and you are never worried. You realise the short nature of a lifetime and you make each moment count. You believe in living your life to the fullest. It is very easy for you to get bored and you do not like making small talk.


Seeing a falcon means you seem to fly above over everybody else around you. You seek adventure and you have a high sense of self-esteem because you are comfortable in your own skin. Your confidence can often come across as being haughty to others, but your confidence is well founded and you truly deserve it. You allow yourself to be the only one to dictate the terms of your life and you do not like being held back by any person or cause.


Dogs have always been the symbol of loyalty. If you saw the dog first, it means you have a very giving and generous nature. You like making people laugh and you are trustworthy. You have a friendly and outgoing personality which makes you very likeable. You are the person who everybody can rely on, and you help out those who are in need all the time to the extent that it sometimes takes a toll on you.Take care to not stretch yourself thin while helping others.


Seeing a wolf means you are secretive and guarded. Just like wolves have packs, you have a very tight knit circle of people you are comfortable around. You are also very choosy when it comes to making new friends because it is hard to gain your trust. You have an old but fragile soul that your guard fiercely with your nature. This also makes you look intimidating for some people.


A horse symbolises freedom, grace and a majestic aura. If you saw the horse first, you are someone who does not hold back while living life by your own rules, but you also actively work to help those around them. The work you do for others is very selfless as you have all the means to simply not do it. You are self-aware, helpful, poised, tenacious but very easily distracted.

Source: https://healthfoodsoul.com/essence-of-your-soul/


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The First Detail That You Notice On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality

This image is the perfect image for this psychology test because it gives the right subliminal message about life and living. Your focus and perception tell the rest of the story:

Look at This Image! What’s The First Detail That You See On This Image?This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality

Do not think about it, just go with your intuition!

1. Face

The First Detail That You See On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality – Face

Just like the face on this image, you build your character like a puzzle.

You don’t look for yourself, but rather, you try to create yourself. You want to show yourself to the world.

You try to excel at different areas and put them together like pieces of a puzzle to construct the ideal image of yourself.

You collect various different Character Pieces that you put together to create this image.

These pieces can be actual (outer): clothes, looks, accessories, property, social circles, friends, even partners that paint the image that you want to project; or abstract (inner): accomplishments, experiences, values, mastered talents and memories you use as tiles to construct the character you identify yourself to be;

But you might try to build your image to perfection and this can be counterproductive as perfection is an illusion.

Your approach for self-actualization is outward. You start from your essence and you materialize it into an image through various different elements.

You want the world to see the real truth of who you are.

There’s nothing wrong in the approach you take, but make sure your main purpose is not chasing approval from others.

2. Brain/Tree

The First Detail That You See On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality – Brain and Tree

Just like the tree on this image, you desire to consistently grow your knowledge.

You are really curious. You try to learn and understand as much as possible of the world. Everything you do is because you are looking for knowledge.

You love learning about new things and explore different topics. It’s most likely that you are a fan of supernatural phenomena, conspiracy theories, and mysteries.

Others would describe you as someone who is knowledgeable in many different areas.

You easily understand psychology and psychological concepts. If you were born a couple of thousand years in the past, you would have been a philosopher, without a doubt.

But every single piece of information that you take is intended for a bigger purpose. The bigger purpose of everything you are trying to understand is to find the cosmic truth.

The information you collect is put together and closely examined, like detectives do on a pinboard, in order to link things together, find the answers and solve the mystery.

Your approach for self-actualization is inward. You start from the outside world and you absorb as much information as you can so you can come closer to the truth and find the answers you are looking for.

You could not care less of how others perceive you, all you want is to find out who you really are and what you are doing here. That’s your greatest mystery.

There’s nothing wrong in the approach you take, just be careful not to lose yourself in the process. You are not the answers that you find, you are the one who asks the questions.

3. Birds and Nature

The First Detail That You See On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets of Your Personality – Birds and Nature

Just like the birds on this image, you do not feel like a part of the game society tries to play, or let’s say the image society tries to paint.

You do not try to create yourself, nor find yourself. You just want to be free to be yourself and experience the world.

You do not feel like you fit where you are at the moment. You would rather travel and explore the majestic world.

You do not like to stay at one place for too long. The understanding that everything is momentary just amplifies your anxiety and desire to try different things.

You do not take things very seriously. You love to party, have fun and just be crazy from time to time.

You love being surrounded by nature. Your heart fills up on the sole thought of exploring new exotic places around the world.

You value experience over any knowledge. You absorb information and materialize different elements, but nothing stays for too long. It’s there until it serves the purpose of creating the experience and then you let go. You move on.

Your approach for self-actualization is radiant. It’s a mix of inward and outward with the emphasis of going forward. As you beam forward like a photon of light, unchained and dual in nature, you learn more about yourself and project more of yourself.

But your main purpose is to realize yourself and experience the world. You don’t really care about how others see you, or what’s the cosmic truth. You feel like a traveler on a vacation who is there just to explore and have fun.

There is nothing wrong with the approach you take, just make sure you do take proper care about your relationships. Even though nothing is permanent, the only time you will find substance in your purpose is when you build and take care of something that will not last forever.

Written By Dejan Davchevski

Originally Published on lifecoachcode.com

Source: themindsjournal.com


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What You See First In The Picture Will Determine Your Hidden Desire

In this test, your subconscious mind will give answers for you. You only have to relax, enjoy and let your hidden desires reveal.

Well, here is the test. What did you notice first after looking at the image below?

The answer to this question might show what you really want from life and it will reveal some things about you. Let’s try, shall we?

Take a look at this picture:

Now tell us what is the FIRST thing you have noticed? It could be: the cave, the sea, or the face? Now read on and check what your choice says about you!

If you saw first:


You desire a passionate love. Meeting someone who can give you joy and can get rid of the struggles of everyday life is your dream. If you have a chance to meet some new people in your life, do not procrastinate and go.


You desire freedom! It’s simple as that. To live your life without other people interfering is all you want. Let me give you an advice. Do what you want and try not to think about the consequences because everything else will fall into place!


You desire balance and happiness. You are extraordinary person who only wants to live a happy and simple life! Means that, as long as you have good food, friends and good fun, you are happy! What a great way to be!

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Fun Test: What You See First In This Picture Reveals Your Subconscious Fear

What is the hidden fear of your subconscious mind?

Perhaps you are consciously all-too aware of your fear of spiders or clowns, but what other deep-rooted fears are kicking around in your subconscious?

Take a look at the Vladimir Kush painting below.

What do you notice first? Now, remember your answer, and scroll down for an analysis of your choice!

Scroll down to discover what your subconscious fear is!





This is what it means if you saw the KNIFE first:

Your subconscious fear is terminal illnesses. You have a fear that you have a terminal illness without knowing it. You fear suffering and you worry you might die at any moment.

This is what it means if you saw the CATERPILLAR first:

Your subconscious fear is ghosts, also known as phasmophobia. It is likely you fear that ghosts or evil spirits will appear and haunt you at your weakest moments, like when you are confused or when you’re just about to fall asleep.

This is what it means if you saw the BUTTERFLY first:

Your subconscious fear is a betrayal. Perhaps others have hurt or crossed you too many times. Maybe you’ve faced some serious rejection, whether it be a job or a dream. You do well at hiding this weakness, however. It only rears its ugly head when you’re face to face with it.

This is what it means if you saw the APPLE first:

Your subconscious fear is death. Not your own, mind you, but that of your loved ones. Perhaps you’ve already lost someone dear to you. With that traumatizing blow casting a shadow on your subconscious, you naturally can’t bear the thought of losing someone else.

Source: David Wolfe