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1. Life Long Genius

Not only are you good looking, you are also great at studying, learning and developing new skills. When you grew up you were always getting compliments from teachers and adults, when you grew up this continued at work too. Sometimes people don’t understand just how your mind works which can be frustrating because nine times out of ten you are much smarter than them.

2. Creative Genius

There’s no denying that you are a quirky and resilient genius. You are a very open and out of the box thinker, which always gets you out of stressful situations. You think walking through life in your beautiful, quirky and unique path is the only way to live life… and we couldn’t agree more! As you slowly stray from normal thinking, you will become smarter, and brilliant than others!

3. Gifted Genius

As a great inventor one said, “Genius is made with 1% talent and 99% effort.” You are that one percent people always strive for! It’s impossible for people to even imagine what it would be like to be you, your brain power is so strong! People always come to you for help with their problems, and you have many admirer’s who wish they were just like you! This is how you look and motivate many people!

4. Laid back Genius

You have the talent of the gods. Once you learn something, it comes to you easily which means in high stressed situations, you usually don’t sweat it like everyone else around you! You have an unrivaled talent in understanding and application and can pick up old things most people would’ve forgotten in their age! But only a little bit of you is making you a laid back genius. Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you will or want to!

5. Intuitive Genius

Going with your gut and count on your intuition is a very incredible type of genius. Sometimes you feel like you don’t even NEED to think things through, because your feelings have already made the decision Other people do not understand easily what you feel for yourself, and why trusting your gut is so important. People often ask you to explain your reasoning, but you sometimes have a hard time putting it into words because you just KNOW you’re right! You have the great strength in high-dimensional thinking. Never let anyone take that away from you!

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One of the critical things for us all to understand about ourselves is how we see the world. Once we understand the specific filter generated by our personality, we can know what to look out for in the year ahead and how to stay on our best path.

The key to figuring this out is as simple as looking at the image below.

Don’t overthink it, but pay attention to the first thing you see when you look at this picture.

Next, scan down the list below to find out what the first thing you saw in this personality test says about the character traits that shape your unique point of view!

If you saw…

1. A man with a ruffled collar.

If the first thing you saw was the image of the man wearing a Shakespearean style ruff while sitting on top of the larger man’s head, you have a totally unique outlook on life! While other people around you might focus on their goals for the coming year or reorganizing their lives, you prefer to seek out the kind of odd life experiences most people never even discover exist.

It’s awesome to have this sort of perspective and the willingness to attempt things that might put off others.

Just remember to temper your enthusiasm for the strange with at least a tablespoon of human empathy. There is a difference between being a collector of experiences and/or people vs. being an interesting person who is a truly good friend. You CAN show others your refreshingly different without that requiring you to make anyone else feel uncomfortably awkward.

2. The mustachioed man in the center.

If the first thing you saw was the large image of the man with the mustache at the center of the piece, you’re the kind of person who focuses on big picture thinking. This is a great skill! Not everyone out there is able to think in those meta terms necessary in order to come up with important, expansive, and creative ideas that benefit not only their own lives but the lives and ventures of their family members, colleagues and even the global community.

The dangerous flip side to being this way is that you may be prone to forget about smaller details, and because of that, you often drop the ball and fail to follow through.

Don’t let this year be like all the rest. Stick to those grand ambitions of yours and make sure not to let the minutiae keep you from bringing your big beautiful ideas to fruition. Reach for the stars and with just a wee bit of planning, everything and anything is possible.

3. An old man sitting up in bed.

If you saw the old man sitting up in his bed, chances are you’re the sort of person who is prone to worry. You can’t help yourself. Life is hard and no matter how hard you work it seems inevitable that something is certain to go wrong.

Is it any wonder that you spend your days trying to do everything in your power to stop those potential disasters from occurring before they even do?

Concerns are part of the normal adult experience. If you aren’t a little concerned about something, how can you be believed to care about anything? But as the new year begins, remember that while there are plenty of things to keep you up at night, the sky is also full of stars just like the ones by the sitting man’s head. Try to let yourself off the hook by remembering to breathe and accepting that some things are just plain out of your control.

4. The dancing couple.

If you looked at this image and the first thing you noticed was the dancing couple, you have an inherently romantic worldview. Your friends may not call you a romantic, but the truth of the matter is that finding true romantic love is deeply important to you, even if you don’t always wear that information on your sleeve for all the world to see.

After all, you don’t want to be considered too cheesy!

It’s time for you to accept the fact that you yearn for romantic love and then do whatever is possible to keep your heart open to finding it. Falling in love isn’t about going on a million dates or finding the perfect high heels to catch his eye. It’s about accepting the reality that love is something you don’t only want to give, but something you entirely deserve to receive in return!

5. The skull-embroidered drapes.

If you looked at this picture and the first thing you saw were the pair of drapes that look like matching skulls, don’t worry! That isn’t some sort of omen that you’re going to experience a serious loss or that you’re going to anything traumatic or related to death. Seeing the skulls first indicates that you are a person who accepts and welcomes extreme changes gracefully.

For some, the chance to start all over might seem daunting, but not for you.

You’re the kind of person who looks for opportunities to start anew, and a new year is the absolute perfect excuse for you to do just that. I must offer you a word of caution, however. In embracing the new, please don’t forget that there are things about you — many things — that are perfect just as they are. You really don’t need to change anything about yourself, but if you decide you must, make sure you’re not doing it for anyone other than yourself.

6. The two knights.

If you saw the two knights first, you’re the type of person who relies intensely on the love and support of your friends. While the rest of the world might be focusing on things like losing weight or getting promoted, you feel quite certain your world will stay relatively stable… as long as you have the love and support of the people in your life who matter most.

Having a support system made up of friends who mean the world to you is absolutely invaluable.

That said, none of these friends would be satisfied to learn that you are keeping your life in a holding pattern simply for the the sake of making sure you are spending time with them. This year, try to look beyond your social circle. There’s a whole wild world out there with plenty of friends waiting to be made and included.

7. The woman cleaning.

If you saw the woman cleaning when you first looked at this image, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you are doomed to a life spent cleaning up other people’s messes! It simply means that you are a natural problem solver who approaches the world with open eyes, ears and arms, ready offer to your help to anyone who need something sorted out their lives.

It’s a tremendous gift that you have, and the fact that you’re so eager to share it is an even more beautiful thing.

However, when you spend too much time untying other people’s knots, you run the risk of returning home only to find all of your own strands tangled beyond repair. Focus on directing some of the TLC you offer the world-at-large to yourself. You’ll find that in doing so you have more energy, peace, and happiness than ever before!

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Your hands are incredibly useful – and complicated!

27 bones, 29 joints and 123 ligaments. That’s what makes all the gripping, communicating and investigating you use your hands for possible.

Here’s another way your hands are helpful – indicating your personality!

It’s all in your genes. Your DNA has a lot to say about your physical traits like hand size and your personality traits as well.

Ready to find out what this means for you? Great! First, let’s measure your hands.

No, put the tape measure away. The absolute size of your hands is irrelevant here; what we’re looking for is the relative size!

Form a 45º angle with your left arm and elbow. Then, take your right hand and place your thumb on the inside of your elbow. Stretch your hand upwards towards your wrist. If you can reach it, you’ve got large hands. If not, you and I are in the same small-handed boat.

People With Large Hands:

If you have large hands you are a perfectionist! Your concentration often goes on the small details. This could result with tardiness in some parts of your life. You are a very effective worker.

You focus on the smallest of details, wanting everything to be just right. If you are working towards a deadline you would rather push it slightly to make sure everything is perfect than rush to meet the timeline. This perfectionist mentality means you are extremely sensitive to criticism. You are the impulsive person who often knows to overreact, and you know that. You are regardful to other people, and sometimes you even neglect yourself.

People With Small Hands:

Those of you with small hands are the free spirits of the world! You are always chasing down your next adventure, and don’t shy away from taking risks. You can usually work your way out of any trouble with your excellent problem-solving abilities, which is important because you regularly find yourself in hot water! You enjoy the more dramatic side of life. Your personal relationships are often dramatic ones.

The shape of your palms is also important.

If you have a square palm, then you are a practical and logical person.
This means that you are a good mathematician. You want to solve your problems logically, and you are not very friendly with your intuition.

People with rectangular palms tend to solve their problems faster.

Unlike the people with a square palm, you are a more intuitive person. You listen to your Gut Feelings. If you have long hands and square palm, you are a sensitive and adventurous person.

Longer fingers can indicate a curious personality.

People with short fingers are very good leaders.

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Source: davidwolfe.com, themindsjournal.com


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Look At Your Fingerprint – It Says About Your Personality

While you might have known that all fingerprints are unique to their person, there are about four different types that we generally see across mankind.

And each one has been linked to certain traits and characteristics of a person’s personality.

Look at your fingerprints, and then flip through the cards below to see what your prints reveal about you!

#1 Loopy

This is the most common type of fingerprint. People with it tend to possess average intelligence and an easy going attitude.

#2 Whirly


This is the second most common fingerprint type. People with it tend to be intellectual, strong-willed leaders.

They are also often controlling.

#3 Swirly

People with swirly fingerprint tend to be analytical, naturally talented and short tempered. They tend to be reflective loners.

#4 Curvy

People with curly fingerprints are often energetic and confident. Its difficult to sway them once they’ve made a decision.