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Choose A Rune What You Pick Will Reveal What The Future Holds For You







What did you choose first?

This ancient rune predicts safety, stability, prosperity, and new riches. It’s saying to you it’s time to harvest the fruits of all your hard work. It doesn’t only denote just the material objects, but also the spiritual ones. You will soon come to a very important understanding in your life and there will be new and renewed love in your life!

This ancient rune indicates speed, change, and free will. If great changes in your life haven’t yet begun then they’re about to! BUT don’t worry simply learn how to live your life at this amazing sped up pace. You’ll enjoy it, and love the brand new horizons, new places, new experiences, and new opportunities.

This powerful rune predicts success, power, and a long healthy life. Choosing it means that soon you’ll see old dreams come to fruition, spiritual and emotional progress, and, best of all, discovering that you were right all along about a very controversial issue!

Choosing this ancient and powerful rune shows that you will be undergoing or are currently some problems, BUT in the meantime, you will also experience the protection of higher power! Yes, there will be a storm, but your tiny boat will unexpectedly defy all odds and you will TRIUMPH!

This powerful and magical rune indicates giving, and you can be both a giver and a recipient. It’s also about sharing and connecting and being close with other people. You will most likely feel the readiness to spread knowledge and care about others. You can expect that new breakthroughs will be coming thanks to being such a generous and kind person.

Selecting this wonderful and influential rune indicates a spiritual and emotional journey of growth that you’re currently on or about to take. It’s about renewal, growth and a new beginning. You will feel sudden relief after long grief or sadness. You’ll experience life at its best: hope and love, a new energy, and the happiness of existence.

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Pick A Dream Catcher To Reveal An Interesting Part Of Your Personality!

Native Americans have used dream catchers for many centuries. Dream catchers are meant to help “catch” the bad dreams and nightmares a person has before actually having them, ensuring that only good dreams make it into the person’s mind while they are asleep. You can find dream catchers in all kinds of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

The type that you pick can reveal the type of person you are. Read on and find out about your personality based on the dream catcher you prefer!






Dreamcatcher 1

Did you pick number one? If you did, you are a very honest friend who is dependable and trustworthy when it matters. You often put blind faith into someone once you have known them for awhile. Because of this, you fully expect others to trust you just as completely. When something or someone disturbs your routine, you may let your emotions get in the way of logic.

Dreamcatcher 2

If you choose this dream catcher, it signifies that you are innocent and enjoy cleanliness. You dislike having hate in your life and you will instead aim your focus on people and things in your life that you love. When things don’t go your way, you tend to isolate yourself. You would rather have perfection and harmony in your life and will do your best to make sure your life is full of it.

Dreamcatcher 3

Those who pick this dream catcher are optimistic extroverts. You find that it is much easier to accept people without having to judge them too much. However, you do fear criticism and judgment from other people. You spend a lot of time thinking about and double-guessing your decisions.

Dreamcatcher 4

You are a very supportive and sympathetic friend and partner. You will always put others before yourself and act in subtle ways. Because you have so much compassion, someone’s harsh words will hurt you more than they should.

Dreamcatcher 5

Last but not least, if you choose this dream catcher, it signifies that you are an independent and determined person. However, you may also be a bit detached from others. When you make a decision that is important to you, no one else will have the power to change your mind, even a loved one. This helps you rise above pessimism from others. You may intimidate others and you also often rebuff the good advice that others offer you.

Source: apost.com