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Choose Your Favorite Embrace And See What A Renowned Psychologist Says About You!

Today we are going to offer you a test.


Hugs are very common in relationships.

Sometimes we use them to greet and say goodbye, to express love, company. However, the way we do it can tell us a lot about how we take loving relationships.

Therefore, today we show you the psychological meaning of these hugs:

A. Friendship

You are not one of those who falls in love from the beginning of the relationship. First you build links little by little and in case you like a lot. You are one of those who wait patiently for the other person to be the first to reveal their love.

B. Love at first sight

It is a very romantic and very intimate hug. His psychological analysis indicates a tendency to fall in love at first sight and renounce everything for love. If you like to give this hug, surely you ignite the flame of love with great ease and speed.

C. You distrust a little

If you hold your partner firmly from behind and with both hands hanging over your shoulders or around your neck, then it is a sign of great confidence and on the other hand, it means that achieving your confidence is a rather complicated task. You are reserved and cautious in romance, which can lead to great rewards at the end, or to your partner being discouraged in the first phase of the relationship.

D. You have specific tastes

Your taste is well defined in the love relationship. That’s why when you find who fulfills your expectations, you can do everything to win their hearts. However, you can easily get bored and look for another challenge.

Source: https://en.tepegaste.com


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Let’s take a look at the picture below and choose which one you are drawn to the most. Take into account the colors as much as the shape itself. Once you have chosen the one that really calls your name, find it’s meaning and see what it reveals about your personality.

Look at all these symbols and choose, immediately, the one that is the most striking..!!

You already made your choice? Now read the answer.

1. Generous and moral (not to be confused with moralistic)

You want to be the best. You have the highest ambitions and take care of the rules at the highest level. You work hard, but you are not selfish. You work to make your world and THE world a better place. People may think that communication with you is difficult, but it is not easy for you to be who you are. You have a great capacity to love until you are hurt, and even after … you continue to love. Very few people can appreciate how you deserve everything you’ve achieved in your life.

2. Fascinating and honest

You are a very responsible person who cares about others. You believe in honest work and find it easy to assume obligations. You have good character. People trust you. You can accept many responsibilities related to work. You are a brilliant person, fast thinking and ingenious and you always have something interesting to tell.

3. Intelligent and thoughtful

You are a great thinker. Your thoughts and ideas are the most important. You love to think about your theories and points of view alone. You tend to be introverted and you get along only with someone who likes to think and learn. You are never superficial. You spend a lot of time thinking about morals. You are trying to do the right thing, even if the majority of society doesn’t agree with you.

4. Perceptive and philosophical

You are a unique person and you have a charitable soul. At your side there is no one even a little similar to you. You are an intuitive person and a little peculiar, even quirky. You are often misunderstood and it hurts. You need personal space, so that your creativity can be developed. You demand the respect of others. You are a person who sees clearly the dark and bright sides of life. You are very emotional.

5. Self-confident and dominant

You are very independent. Your guiding principle in life is: “I’m going to do it my way”. You trust only yourself. You know how to stay strong for yourself and your loved ones. You are not afraid to pursue your dreams, because know what you want and how to reach that goal. The only thing you demand from other people is honesty. You are strong enough to accept the truth.

6. Friendly and sensitive

You easily build relationships with people. You have many friends which bring happiness in your life. You like to help. You have a warm and bright aura, which makes people feel good when they are close to you. People feel good in your presence. Every day you think about how to become even better. You want to be insightful, interesting, profound and unique. You need love more than anyone in the world. You are a person willing to love even those who don’t like you.

7. Charming and full of energy

You are a happy and fun person who knows how to make people laugh. You are in harmony with the universe. You are spontaneous and full of enthusiasm. You are always “in favor”, especially when it comes to an adventure. You are full of surprises and you can really make an impact on other people. You always remain true to yourself. You have many interests and if something is of particular interest to you, you investigate thoroughly and do not rest until you acquire a thorough knowledge of the subject.

8. Optimistic and hopeful

You believe that life is a gift. You try to make the most of it and give it the best possible use. You are a person who is immensely proud of what you have done in life, you are proud of your achievements. You are willing to share your joys and sorrows with your loved ones. You have a very healthy attitude in life. You always see the positive side of life ‘the glass is half full’. You use all opportunities to forgive, learn and grow, knowing that life is too short to do anything else.

Source: http://universeinsideyou.net


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Circle Test : The way you draw a circle on the triangle can reveal a lot about your personality. Amazed? Try it.

The triangle represents human beings and the circle represents how you conduct your interactions with them.


(1) Circle within the triangle signifies you are a kind and warm-hearted person:

This signifies you are a warm-hearted and nurturing person. You are always there to help anyone who needs it. You receive strangers with a smile. Your family and friends love you and depend on you a lot. Since you drew the circle in the middle, it means you are always surrounded by human beings. You are very social but you keep your personal life a private affair. You have a close group with whom you share your life.

(2) Circle on the top of the triangle signifies you are a calm and confident person:
Placing the circle on the top of the triangle signifies you are conscious of the world around you. You are not extremely detached from your peers and you are not too involved with them, either. You are confident and focused on your own work. You are admired by many because of the interesting things you are doing. You don’t necessarily go around socializing or bonding with people every now and then. You understand your priorities. You do have quite a good number of followers!

(3) Circle around the triangle represents you are a very protective person:
You are always there for people no matter how long you know them. From strangers to your loved ones, you jump into helping them without thinking about the consequences. You are like a guardian to people around you. People come to you for advices and whenever they need anyone to talk to you, they always remember you. You are extremely loyal as well as smarter than others.

(4) A semi-circle around the top of the triangle represents you are a very cheerful and supportive person:
You are the ultimate cheerleader! You always encourage others in whatever they do. You feel happy when others succeed. The word ‘jealousy’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary. You are positive and can even make gloomy situations brighter. You boost others’ confidence and a lot of people in town know you.

Source: themindsjournal.com


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This Personality Test Will Reveal What Your Subconscious Mind Says About You

The eyes are the mirror of our soul. They’re one of the senses that can portray our visual reality. However, as different people see the same thing and interpret it differently, we are all creators of our reality; therefore we see things differently!

In psychology, the subconscious is that part of consciousness which is not currently in focal awareness.

The term “subconscious“ represents an anglicized version of the French “subconscient,“ coined by the psychologist Pierre Janet who claimed that underneath the critical-thought functions of the conscious mind lays a powerful awareness which he called the subconscious mind.

The function of the subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. Its job is to make sure that you respond exactly the way you’re programmed. Your subconscious mind makes all you say and do fit a pattern which is consistent with your self-concept, also known as your “master program.”

Your subconscious mind is similar to a huge memory bank, as its capacity is virtually unlimited. It permanently stores every single thing that ever happens to you.

By the time you become 21 years old, you have already permanently stored more than 100 times the contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

So, if you want this test to work, you need to be brutally honest… ready to proceed?

You should choose one from the eyes below, or better, let the eye select you! Which one of the eyes looks at your soul?






1. You’re burning with passion

You’re hungry for new experiences. You need to start a new life adventure, or else it feels like you will start to rot!

Your past hunts you, and you can’t let go of it easily, but you should forgive it. Whatever happened you should strive to feed your spirit. You’re worth it.

Follow the fire, and you’ll feel alive again!

2. You are mysterious

You are a library in the making! You like keeping things to yourself, and you’re full of secrets!

People crave to know the real you, but you need to start giving it to them. Stop being the loner in the dark. Shine like a star. Believe that you can do it!

3. Your aura is shining

You are vibrating naturally! You do not need to put up much work to shine. You got it all; you only need to let it shine brighter.

Others need you to heal them. They need your help so that they can vibrate higher with you. The world gave you the power to be the people’s person. However, sometimes you still feel that you’re losing it. Don’t let it get to you!

Your aura is shining, so let it spread all over the place.

4. You are an eternal soul

You go deep into things. You often go so deep that you even skip the true meaning from it. Your mind jumps like a kangaroo from one place to another. You always wonder whether your current path is the one for you.

You sometimes feel lost, but don’t let it get to you. You make mistakes, like everyone, but how would you know what’s right about you all the time?

Trust yourself more and don’t let your mind jump so often. Learn to love yourself more and stop overthinking.

5. You are the riddle

You hide too much information from people. You’re a question mark itself, and this might be attractive but don’t over-do it. People will get bored easily unless they can crack you up.

You don’t do this on purpose, as you had bad past with the wrong people. They made you like this. You used to be open and extroverted, but you have been hit hard to the dome. You had no way out but to lock yourself up.

6. You are an old soul

You are definitely an Old Soul. You have been here before on Earth, in another body.

That’s why you’re so magnetic and mysterious. You’re a magnet for some people (not always the ones you like), but they’re all attracted to your mystery.

However, you lack self-confidence. You need to find your own truth and live by it. Don’t shapeshift too much. Yes, you ha been here before, but try to control it. You are who you are now for a reason.

7. You are a night owl

You’re a night owl, a friend of the night!

You know so many things, but you keep them firm. You oversee everything but rarely expose things about yourself.

The illusionists are what fits you best. You keep it real with everyone, but you don’t reveal things that may get to you later on.

Don’t change yourself. You’re doing it just right. Those who deserve to know you better and be by your side will solve the riddle and be your soulmates forever after!

Source: thinkinghumanity.com


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What Does Your Birth Month Butterfly Reveal About Your Personality?

Butterflies are powerful representations of life and each month of the year has a specific butterfly associated with it. All around the world, butterflies are a symbol of hope and change but scroll down to see what your specific birth month butterfly reveals about your personality!


You have a great heart and a friendly ear for everyone. Everyone admires you for your optimism and positivity. You are as beautiful and free as a butterfly and you make others happy just by walking into a room. You may not have noticed this but people turn to you because they admire your aura and presence.


As soon as you enter a room, all eyes are on you. Your confident personality is so vibrant that no one can keep their eyes off you. All eyes turn towards you because you charm everyone with your confident attitude. People either love you or they don’t.


You might not always know the way out of a sticky situation, but you would never give up. That is your best quality. Your intuition leads your way. You are a steady and determined person with a zest for life and you also have a deep side to your personality.


You’re an emotional person and you’re not afraid of showing it. People admire your sensitive side and love you for it. You may not want to believe this but it is true: You make the world a better place with your peaceful attitude.


You’re such an amazing person! Sadly your perfect appearance is intimidating to some. Those who know you however love you just the way you are. You are an imposing personality but that doesn’t mean that you lack depth, you would go to any length to help and support your friends and family.


You might not believe it but you make the world a better place with your peaceful personality. You are a wonderful person! You are very sensitive and have an intuition for other people’s wishes. Don’t forget that you make for an extraordinary partner.


You are incredibly brave which makes you such a strong character. Yet, you also have a very sensitive side which you rarely show. You are always nice and respectful to the people around you – the world would be a better place if only there were more people like you!


Everyone around you admires you for your incredible honesty. Not many people can admit when they’ve made a mistake the way you can. You manage to win over people’s trust quite easily and love to be the center of attention


You are a curious and an inquisitive person with great imagination and who loves to daydream. Even if nothing goes according to plan, you still know where you want to go and how you are going to get there. People admire this about you and are ready to follow in your footsteps.


You are someone who tackles problems with a lot of energy and determination while still keeping a balance in your life. You have a huge heart and are willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. You are very helpful and attentive. But be careful, because not everyone will appreciate the good in you.


Your head is always bursting with ideas and you love taking in your surroundings and observing the people around you. Not everyone may understand that you live in your own world. Your head might always be stuck in the clouds but your feet remain firmly planted on the ground.


You have really come a long way in life. But the special thing about you is that you never get enough and are always hoping for more in life. You are an emotional person and are not afraid to show it. You don’t hide your feelings because you are not ashamed of standing up to your mistakes. People admire this about you.

Source: apost.com