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The Cat You Pick Will Reveal Your True Personality


Discover a truth about you by picking a cat that represents you the most. Have fun! Don’t forget to share this quiz with your friends and family.

Pick a cat that represents you the most.






1. You’re a quiet person and a really loyal friend

You’re introverted and you’re not a fan of crowds. You can get nervous around new people, but you’re totally relaxed around your closest friends. If you spend a lot of time in a group, you’ll need some alone time afterwards.

2. You are caring, and a bit of a perfectionist

You tend to put other people’s needs before your own. You are sensitive and empathetic. You’re a very loyal friend, but sometimes you find it hard to let go. You worry a lot, but that’s only because you want everything to be perfect.

3. You’re very creative and hate following the crowd

You are artistic and sentimental. You can feel emotions more deeply and intensely compared to most people. You are innovative and like to think of new ideas. However, sometimes you often feel misunderstood by others due to your unique perspective in life.

4. You are outgoing and playful, but you can be a little disorganised

You love making people happy, whether that’s by cooking food for them, or making them laugh. You love to daydream, and also spend time outdoors forgetting all of your real world responsibilities. But when you do finally stop putting stuff off and get down to it, you’re an exceptionally hard worker. You are authentic and you aren’t afraid of showing your silly side.

5. You’re a very observant and open-minded person

You like to listen to what everyone else has to say before you express your own opinions. You can usually tell what someone is really feeling even when they’re trying to cover it up. You’re a great problem solver and you always take everyone’s point of view into account.

6. You’re an over-achiever, who appreciates hard work

You know what you want and you aren’t afraid put in effort in order to achieve them. You care about how the world sees you, and you put a lot of effort into your appearance. You also have high moral standards and will go out of your way to help others. You can spend too much time being serious, it’s hard for you to just relax and live in the present.

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What Is Your Birth Month Bird? Choose One And Learn More About Your Traits

Did you know each month has a bird associated with it? Just like birth stones, birth month birds can reveal a lot about you! So pick your birth month bird to learn more about your character.

1 – January : Owl

Still waters run deep in your story. You choose your words carefully when speaking and remain thoughtful in conversation. Despite your quiet nature, your eloquence in creative writing surprise others, especially your forms of expression which give others pause! You communicate on your own terms, but rest assured your thoughts are deep and meaningful.

2 – February : Parrot

Yours is the bird of the free spirit. Never dull or predictable, you are renowned for your ability to look beyond the mundane. Creative writing, art or music are woven throughout your personality. Your friends and loved ones are constantly inspired by your unique character and sparkling zest for life. You don’t want the spotlight, but you definitely turn heads!

3 – March : Robin

Robins are the birds of perseverance! You have the uncanny ability to ride out even the toughest storms. Your loved ones are in awe of your strength and conviction, whether they admit it or not. You may feel tired at times, but you rarely show it. Instead, you focus your efforts and keep your eye on the prize. Strong and steady.

4 – April : Canary

Laughter and mirth abound with Canary babies. Sometimes a clown and sometimes brandishing a rapier wit, you love nothing more than to cheer people up or entertain everyone around you. If you see a funny meme, your comments will make it twice as funny in a heartbeat! Canaries are fun-loving!

5 – May : Nightingale

Like the sweet song of your chirping bird month bird, you brighten the day of every single person you encounter. Your always-positive, bright mood is contagious and generally envied by those around you. A kind smile from you is known to turn a sour mood into a happy one. Luckily, you have never been seen without a smile on your face.

6 – June : Dove

A royal bird. You are a natural leader, whether you realize it or not. You are the monarch of organization and delegation. You will take charge and bring order out of chaos, be it a great emergency or simply getting everyone to school on time. No to-do list is too much for you. You will call the troops to action!

7 – July : Eagle

As an Eagle birth month bird, you are supremely confident. Your listening skills are second to none. Total strangers will often find themselves telling their life story to you. Highly trustworthy, you will keep your sensitive information a complete secret. You are also able to offer patient, heartfelt advice to lift spirits or nudge others in the right direction.

8 – August : Kingfisher

Kingfisher birth month babies are best known for being the friendliest people. You not only enjoy meeting new people, but somehow make new people enjoy meeting you. You are known to be extremely generous, offering assistance to anyone in need. With your generosity extending beyond only close friends, your are happy to help everyone you come in contact with.

9 – September : Hawk

You are the hero of your own tale! Despite facing many challenges,you consistently rise to the occasion. Your deeds do not go unnoticed, but you are loathe to toot your own horn. This strong blend of heroism and humility makes you much admired both at home and at work. People rely on you and their trust is not misplaced.

10 – October : Swan

This birth month bird is the fixer! You always have the answer. You love to help and can get a solution to any problem in record time. You love being right, and you usually are. Everyone looks to you first when they are facing a tough situation, or just need a good piece of advice. You also have great recipes!

11 – November : Rooster

The ultimate buddy bird. You are the best friend anyone could have. Not just a side-kick, but a full companion. Through thick or thin, you will be at your friends’ sides and have their back as you face situations that may trip you up. You will not only guide others on the right path, but will keep it from getting boring.

12 – December : Raven

An exciting bird of intrigue and mystery. You are a seeker and adventurer. Confident and curious, you are always looking for the next clue in a series of exciting jaunts. You are self-reliant and perfectly happy on your own. You may not be the life and soul of the party, but you are sure to experience something new.

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