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The Best Home Remedies To Cure An Ear Infection Quickly At Home


There is nothing quite as painful as an ear infection. The pain can range from a dull throb to an outright burning and sharp stabbing distraction. If you are prone to ear infections, you know this pain all too well. Having an ear infection makes it difficult to concentrate and the pain can even radiate down into your jaw or even your neck.

Most Popular Home Ear Infection Remedies

1. Basil

Basil is an herb with many therapeutic properties. Basil is high in antioxidants and also contains potent antibacterial properties. To use basil crush five fresh holy basil leaves very gently to expel the juice. Apply the basil juice on and around the affected ear. Be careful not to get any of the juice in the ear canal. Alternatively, mix a few drops of holy basil oil with an equal amount of coconut oil and soak a cotton ball in the mixture. Wipe gently just inside the ear, around the outside of the ear and behind the ear with the mixture.

2. Salt

Most people have no trouble finding a little salt in their home. Heat up one cup of salt over low heat for just a few minutes. Place the warm salt in a clean and soft cloth. Secure the end of the cloth with a rubber band. When you can stand the temperature, lay down and place the cloth on the affected ear for about ten minutes. Repeat this daily to help bring relief. The warm salt will help draw out the fluid from the ear and reduce pain and swelling.

3. Onion earmuffs

It might seem odd, but “onion ear muffs,” can help ease pain and the antimicrobial properties can heal the infection, Krumbeck said.

Slice an onion in half and then either microwave or simmer it in half an inch of water until it’s soft. Then wrap the onion in a cloth and hold it up to your child’s ear for as long as he’ll tolerate it. Of course, make sure you feel the onion first to make sure it’s not too hot.

4. Acupressure and essential oils

Lavender essential oil reduces inflammation and when used with acupressure, it can help relieve ear infections.

The acupressure points are located in front of and behind the ear and the space between the thumb and index finger on the hand.

5. Olive oil

There are many reasons for an ear infection but one very common one is when wax in the ear is attacked by a fungal or bacterial growth which leads to a blockage in the Eustachian tubes. This obstruction can be cleared easily with the help of olive oil.

Warm up some olive oil on the stove (on low heat). Dribble the oil into the infected ear. When the oil hits the wax it will soften. After this, remove the wax with a cotton swab. However, do not put the swab too far into the ear as you may damage the eardrum.

6. Garlic oil

Studies show that garlic is anti-inflammatory, will relieve pain, and can fight an ear infection whether it’s viral or bacterial, said Dr. Elisa Song, a holistic pediatrician at Whole Family Wellness in Belmont, California and founder of Healthy Kids Happy Kids.

At the first sign of pain, place one drop of garlic oil into your child’s ears three to four times a day. Since garlic can be irritating, don’t try to make it yourself— most health food stores sell it.




More Natural Home Remedies to Consider

  • Organic linseed oil and garlic cloves
  • Fresh sesame seed oil
  • Juice from the bark of a banana tree
  • Mineral oil
  • Herbal teas, especially peppermint
  • Diluted eucalyptus oil

10 Tips to Prevent an Ear Infection

In addition to using home remedies when you find yourself with an ear infection, there are a number of things that you can do to prevent an ear infection including:

  • After a shower, use a blow dryer on low setting to dry your ears.
  • Wear a scarf or other covering over your ears when you go outside in windy weather.
  • Chew gum when you go up in elevation or on an airplane.
  • Coat your ears with mineral oil before swimming.
  • Drink plenty of water daily.
  • Reduce your intake of dairy products.
  • Avoid consuming food made with processed sugar.
  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, especially greens.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t drink excessively.

Note: As with any home remedy, it is always best to conduct extensive research before using any therapy.

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The Easiest Way To Clean Your Ears Naturally

Ears are one of the most important organs as hearing is a crucial sense for our everyday lives. If some sort of damage is done to the ears, our proper functioning is certainly endangered.

Today we give you a method that will allow the proper cleansing of your ears and offer the maintenance of proper hygiene.


Wax plugs that gather in the ears can represent quite the problem. Therefore, medicine usually suggests synthetic cures that only safely disinfect and brush on the outside of the ear.

This recipe is very cheap and effective due to the useful properties both ingredients possess. All you need is:

– One tbsp of alcohol

– Half a tbsp white vinegar


1. Put the alcohol and white vinegar in a bowl
2. Mix the components until they properly blended
3. Place the blend in a dropper and put 10 drops in your ear canal
4. Stay in that position for about sixty seconds
5. Repeat on the other ear
6. Do this procedure twice a week


Ear canal wax protects the ear from external agents by preventing dust, organisms, bacteria and other objects to enter the actual ear.

It also protects the outer pores and skin of the ear canal from irritation when they have a contact with water.
However, when there is more wax than the ears need, it can lead to earplugs which are not very pleasant.


• Earache
• Loss of hearing
• Actually feeling that your ear is plugged
• Noise in your ear canal

For cleaning your ears besides the other method, you can also use baby oils, essential oils, water or mineral oils. Your ear always needs to be dry before cleaning it. If these methods don’t work, consult your doctor as the issue might become more severe if you don’t treat it on time.

Source: Organic Health Universe, Health Line, Mayo Clinic