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7 Things That Women Secretly Wish Men Knew About Pregnancy


They are figuring out just as how women are figuring this phase out. But women often secretly wish that their partners knew a little more about pregnancy. There is a big part of a year that women and their partners get to know about this phase. Women go through a tumultuous change during this time and men should use this time to learn about the changes that their partners are going through to help them through the process. Women find it difficult during this time to go through all the changes and educate men during this process. That’s why women secretly wish men knew a few things about it. Here is a secret wish list that women have containing all the things they want men to know about pregnancy.

1. Complimenting Can Make It Easier

Pregnancy is the hardest thing a woman has to do in her life. Pregnancy changes the shape of a woman’s body and her hormones. So, this time can really be difficult in terms of seeing one’s body change in a matter of a few months. This is the time when men can become really helpful to their partners. Women would love it if their partners can compliment them during this phase. This would really help them to hold on to their sense of self knowing that their partners still find them attractive.

2. Size Of The Baby

When a woman is growing a baby inside of her, the experience can seem surreal. The idea of her ability to create a life inside of her and raising it till its born is fascinating. So, women feel very excited about the size of their growing fetus. They love to talk about it. And as a partner, you should at least try to be excited when she tells you about the current size of the fetus. Let her know that you share her excitement and she will love you for it forever.

3. Understand The Power Of Hormones

Men have heard this and even know about it, but they need to really understand it. When your partner is pregnant, her hormones are going off the roof. So, she will act a little cuckoo during this time and you must prepare yourself for that beforehand. If your partner starts to cry because you forgot to buy a loaf of bread, don’t dismiss her behavior as irrational but rather try to understand her.

4. Always Tired

Another thing that men should prepare for is that when their partners get pregnant, their lives and time-tables would change. She is growing a human inside of her. So, she will be tired all the time. She might start sleeping early and a lot. That’s normal for a pregnant human. So, don’t feel bad or make her feel bad if she asks you to buy a ticket for 6 p.m. movie show instead of a late night show that you prefer. She will really appreciate your sacrifices later.

5. Avoid Pointing Out The Size

A lot of men think it’s cute when they talk about how much they love their partners despite the size. That’s great but instead of saying that, just say you love her at that moment exactly how she is. Women don’t like to be reminded over and over again that they have lost their shape. They know it and they can see it. But if their partners keep pointing that out, they will lose it after a point. And you really don’t want that.

6. Exercise Caution While Touching Her Breasts

Women’s boobs can grow enormously big during this time. And it might seem fun, but it doesn’t always feel so for women. So, ask for permission before you proceed.

7. No Sex. Period.

Doctors recommend six months to refrain from sex after giving childbirth. But sometimes, women might want a little more time to recover. So, try to understand what she has gone through and respect her wishes.

Women love men who can empathize during this phase of their lives. So, be good to her during this time and reap benefits for the rest of your life.

Source: Cure Joy


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11 Things You Should Know Before Giving Birth To Your Baby

1. Even After Giving Birth, The Delivery Does Not End

After emerging of the baby, the placenta is delivered. So, do not worry if you still have to do more pushing. But luckily, it delivers quickly, that too without any pain.

2. Due Dates Are Overrated

After months of pregnancy, women want to have a deadline to look forward to. Only 5 percent women give birth on their due date. So, do not get tensed if your baby does not come to the world on schedule.

3. Epidural Does Not Mean You Will Be Completely Numb

An epidural actually works as a pain management system, that can deaden the pain in a woman’s lower part. It is a needle which is placed in the woman’s back administrate. Some women feel uneven numbing in their legs, others can still lift their legs and lower body, some have feeling in their legs but none in their stomach.

Talk to your doctor if you feel a lot of contraction pain, but you do not have to be completely numb for the epidural to work.

4. Without Epidural, You Cannot Even Eat Or Drink

One of the tough fact, because it requires lots of effort to give birth and doing so, an empty stomach makes it harder. So before heading to the hospital, have a good meal.

5. You Will Get A Massage And It Will Hurt You – A Lot!

The doctor or the midwife wants to be sure that bleeding stops before heading home. A nurse will give you the most painful massage in regular intervals just to be sure that your uterus is shrinking, and returning to the normal size.

6. You Have To Wear Mesh Underwear

The bleeding may continue for 6 months, and so women wear mesh underwear, and adult size diapers. So, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

7. Belly Button Does Not Start Out

Immediately after the birth of your little one, his umbilical cord will be tied off, but for several days, or even weeks a vestige of it will remain attached before drying up, and falling off. It will not be cute, rather will be black and bloody red, but the doctors however deny to loosen or pull them.

8. Discharge From The Body In The Form Of Faeces

This may happen to any of the women, but very less of them accept it. Do not be embarrassed, if it happens to you.

9. Babies Can Look Like They Are Covered In Cottage Cheese

Actually, babies born before 40 weeks have this covering which is known as vernix caseosa. It protects your baby’s skin in the womb.

10. Babies Can Have A Hairy Body

Some babies may be born with hair on their arms, shoulders and even back, and it can be quite dark. This, too, will rub off in time.

11. The Shape Of Baby’s Head Will Change

If the baby is delivered through vagina, the bones of the baby’s head will shrink as they pass through birth canal. They do not regain their round shape immediately, and remain cone-shaped for several days. Use of a vacuum or forceps can worsen the effect.

Source: Cure Joy