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5 Effective Depression Management Tricks That Make You Happy Again


Depression is a serious mental illness that affects over 3 million Americans in a given year. While anti-depressant medications may be helpful to some people, they don’t work for everyone. Fighting depressive feelings is a constant, day-to-day battle for many people. If you’re struggling with depression, depression management techniques might be able to help.



Travel can be a bit difficult due to time constraints. One way around this limitation is to rethink what it is to “travel.” We needn’t take a flight to somewhere, book an expensive hotel, or arrange transport. Simply getting away from it all is good enough.

“The other way to get rid of (depression) is to travel alone. Plan a trip to any hill station ( a town in the low mountains of the Indian subcontinent) … When you come back from the trip you will find your mind healthy.”

You probably don’t live in India as this young man does, but you get the idea. There’s a beautiful and peaceful place not too far from you. Will you go?


Even the tiniest changes in your lifestyle can go a long way! For instance, if you indulge in greasy and processed foods, swap them for fresh fruits, veggies, and healthier alternatives. If you are a night bird, try to fall asleep earlier and wake up rejuvenated and ready to seize the day.



When you’re depressed, exercising might be the furthest thing from your mind. But if you can just get up and get moving, you’ll reap the benefits. Exercise stimulates the heart, which releases more blood. Blow flow is an important part of cognitive health. Working out also releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which help fight stress. If you can muster up enough will power to get in a good workout, you won’t regret it.


It might seem silly, but dancing can do wonders to brighten your mood! Studies have shown that the physically expressive nature of dance can help you recognize and release your pent-up feelings. If you’re not up to a night out with friends, throw on your favorite song and have a dance party for one in your living room. You could also start taking dance lessons on a regular basis for a weekly mood-booster!


If you really want to find what makes you happy, don’t be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions. What makes you happy? How can you get back to a place of happiness? Get a pen and paper and write your answers down. When you’re finished, you’ll have all of the things you love written down, staring back at you. Get rid of all the negative or unnecessary things in your life and focus on what truly makes you happy.

Source: davidwolfe.com, http://seizepositivity.com


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8 Things To Remember When You Are Feeling Broken Inside

We all feel broken from time to time, because life can seem heartbreaking and terrifying when we go through certain experiences. These life lessons only make us stronger and more capable of dealing with life, though, so use your brokenness as a gift that will help you grow as a person.


1. Remember that your friends and family are there for you

When you feel down and out about life, your friends and family will comfort you and be your rock when you need them. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help, because we all need some assistance when we go through a rough patch in life. If you feel like a burden on them, just remember all the times you were there for them; the people who care about you would gladly do the same for you.

2. Keep Remembering your “Why” 

When we’re hurting inside, we often question why we’re here to begin with. We’re here to lead happy, fulfilling, love-based lives, leaving the world better than we found it. Your life experiences, both negative and positive, allow you to broaden your perspective of the world. The pain you’ve endured lets you empathize and identify with another’s pain and value their happiness as well. Keep your “why” in mind, and reflect on how the negative situations you’ve encountered allow you to have a more well-rounded perspective and better serve your purpose on Earth.

3) Remember that pain allows us to grow

You can’t just expect to coast through life without coming across some bumps along the way. In order for us to live life to the fullest, we need to overcome the challenges that life throws at us. It’s the hard, life-changing experiences that allow us to grow, and become a better person. Overcoming or working through any kind of pain leaves us wiser, stronger, and much more resilient.

4. Remember to focus on doing what you love

So often when we feel broken, we focus our attention entirely on our despair and forget about the things that bring us happiness. Go out and get some sunshine, plant some flowers, ride your bike, catch up with friends over coffee, or simply anything on this Earth that makes your heart light up with joy. Just because you feel broken, doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking minute of your life mulling over your feelings and wallowing in a sea of turmoil.

5. Don’t identify so much with your feelings

Remember that you cannot change or control your emotions. You can learn how to be with them, live peacefully with them, release them, and you can manage them, but you cannot control them. You can’t choose the emotions you feel, and you can’t decide when they arise. Our emotions are unwelcome intruders in our mind, and you don’t have to identify with them. Don’t let your emotions take a hold of your life.

6. Remember to accept and honor your feelings

Don’t feel bad for having negative or heavy emotions; if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be human. Certain experiences warrant a strong reaction from us, and sometimes that means crying, screaming, falling to our knees, and just accepting the waves of emotion that come over us. Keeping all of this balled up inside will only backfire in the end, so don’t ever keep your feelings hidden for fear of other people’s reactions. Fighting off your feelings will only delay the breakdown, and you’ll walk around feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. You must walk bravely into the place within you that harbors these deep emotions, so you can begin to work through them and figure out what they want you to take from all you’ve been through.

7. Remember that this is only temporary

Just like your emotions, this whole ride we have been thrown onto since birth only exists for a short while. We take it so seriously, yet overlook the fact that we don’t get to spend forever in this existence. Enjoy it while it lasts; yes, even the hardships and despair, because when you look back on your life, you will thank your brokenness just as much as your happiness for all it taught you on your own personal journey.

8. Remember to focus on the positive aspects of life

When we’re feeling broken inside, we tend to take on a pessimistic view of the world. We see darkness and we allow ourselves to give in to darkness. One of the first steps towards healing is to surround yourself with positivity. Think of how you can still go outside and enjoy a sunny day, smell the beautiful flowers, and smile at a stranger. Remember that the world isn’t working against you. There are new days ahead; there is always a tomorrow.

Source: themindunleashed.com, wewillimproveyourhealth.info