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3 Best Ways To Lose That Double Chin Without Pills, Injections, Or Surgery


The shape and the look of our face is the first thing people notice, so extra fat on it is highly unattractive.

Many people try hard to get rid of the fat accumulated in the face and neck area, as there are no typical exercises for it, and reducing the calorie intake does not provide the desired effects.

Here are three effective exercises to get rid of the double chin and tone the facial muscles:

Cheek Exercises

Just suck the cheeks tightly, and then try to smile while in the same position. This will tone the muscles of the cheeks, jaw, and the entire face.

Chin Raises

Do chin raises to get rid of the double chin. Tilt the head toward the ceiling, purse the lips like a fish or in the form of a kiss and hold. Make several repetitions, and do this on a daily basis.


Exercise the Face Muscles

You can do some exercises that tone the muscles on the face and strengthen them after you lose weight.

Full Body Fat Loss

Overall weight loss is the first thing you can do to reduce fat in the face. Here is how to lose weight efficiently:

1. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Alcohol affects the salivary glands around the face and makes them swell, which causes the appearance of a bloated face and double chin. Therefore, avoid its consumption, and you will prevent these effects, and get a smooth, and clear skin.

2. Avoid Sweets and Sugars

Fat face is often a result of bloating and water retention. The main causes of these conditions include salt and sugars. Therefore, avoid all kinds of processed foods, candy, soda, canned products, and sweets, and replace them with vegetables and fruits.

3. Start The Day With Breakfast

You should never skip the breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. It will kick-start the metabolism and provide energy for the day. To accelerate the calorie-burning process and boost the metabolism, get in a short exercise before the breakfast.

4. Reduce Calories

You need to reduce the calorie intake you consume daily. This will help you understand which foods are good for your health.




As soon as you make even the smallest changes into your lifestyle and avoid processed foods, alcohol, salts that retain water, sugars that lead to bloating, and start exercising, you will experience amazing effects.

The improvements will be almost immediate, and they will stimulate you to continue following your healthier lifestyle choices, which will help you maintain a slim face, and body, in general.

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com


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5 Exercises To Avoid Stubborn Double Chin

A double chin is extremely unattractive, and even though it is more common in full-bodied people, slim people can struggle with it as well.

Yet, the following 5 tips will help you get rid of it in a simple and easy way:

Read these tips and try them for yourself. Do them in your free time and the result will be amazing.

The Excellent Face Form

Just push the jaw forward and then turn the head to strain the muscles. Then, switch sides.

The Ladle

You should wrap the lower lip over the lower teeth, tilt the head, scoop up, relax the lips, and close the mouth. Do 7-10 repetitions.

The Ducklips

Lift the head up, and pucker the lips to boost the elasticity of the neck muscles.


To get rid of the double chin, whenever you are watching TV, hold the fists under the chin.

Touch the Nose

Touch the nose with the tongue and hold one finger under the chin. Repeat several times.


Source: http://healthylivingsources.com