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20 Things Men Do That Women Don’t Know About


1. Flush mid pee and race the toilet.

2. Instead of using twist-ties to close the bread just spin the open end of the bag and tuck it underneath.

3. When I am in the shower, I like to cup the water to my chest and then watch it splash to the floor.

4. Entering beast mode running up the stairs while alone.

5. Fantasizing about their female friends. Yes! All of them!

6. Thought about freezing time …. and then doing naught things to people.

7. Every man has woken up with morning wood and had to do the leaning tower of pisa to hit the toilet.

8. Checked online to see if their length is adequate. Yes, even your pastor.

9. All men at one point in their lives have given the nod to another man for one reason or another. They have also given it to a woman, only to receive a look of confusion.

10. Blow nose into hands in the shower.

11. Wave the bed covers to small a fart.

12. While peeing tried to cover entire surface of water with pee bubbles.

13. When writing a comment on a girls Facebook, I read it a million times after sending it to make sure it doesn’t sound dumb.

14. Imagine how you would save your work place, school or whatever from fire or terrorists and be the hero.

15. Looked at their poop when finished thinking they must enjoy the masterpiece they created.

16. Watch romantic comedies alone with no one present so that no one knows.

17. Take off my underwear and then kick it up into my hand and feel like a goddamn ninja master.

18. Delete search history on my computer.

19. Aim your pee at the edge of the toilet water or higher to avoid people knowing you are peeing.

20. Tried to see how far away you can step backwards while peeing and still keeping it in the bowl.

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10 Confessions From Real Men About Why Their Relationships Failed

Why do relationships fail? How is it possible for two people to fall in love and then just end up breaking off whatever relationship they had? Well, it can really vary. All relationships are unique after all and that means that all breakups are going to be unique as well. We are all individual human beings who carry very distinct personalities that we carry with us into our relationships as well. And as a result, no two relationships are ever the same and so it can be difficult to pinpoint a general reason as to why couples break up.
But just to satiate your curiosities a little bit, you could refer to this list of real-life reasons as to why relationships end as confessed by men.

1. Her mom decided to start living with them as well.

Mommy issues are always difficult especially when they start to impact the relationship in a negative manner. One guy shared that his relationship took a real turn for the worse when his partner suddenly decided that it was okay for her mother to start living with them. The guy was put in the awkward position of having to say yes to something that he wasn’t comfortable with.

2. He ended up having to financially support her siblings.

This is similar to the mother situation, but this time, it was with the girl’s siblings. No man would want to have to support other adults in a financial manner especially when he isn’t really accountable to those people. He should only have to worry about his woman and not her siblings.

3. She spent more time looking at her phone than at him.

Technology is both a beauty and burden in the modern world. There are just so many of us who can use technology to make our lives better, but there are also too many of us who use technology a little too much – almost to the point wherein we compromise the emotional connections of our relationships.


4. She expected him to solve all of her problems for her.

When you get into a loving relationship with someone, it’s only normal for you to want to take on some of the problems that your partner might be experiencing. But it’s just a little too much if you start expecting your partner to solve all of your problems on your behalf. That was the case with this particular relationship. The guy just got so tired of having to take care of a fully grown baby.

5. She kept on trying to change him to be another person for her.

Ideally, in a relationship, two people would do their best to accept that their partners are flawed individuals who just can’t be perfect. However, they should also be willing to love one another as a whole – flaws included. This guy just had enough of his man trying to change him to become a person he wasn’t comfortable with being.

6. She got a little too friendly with his best friend.

This is an unfortunate situation. Of course, he wanted his girl to be comfortable with his friends. He wanted to make sure that his girl got along with his mates. That’s part of getting into a relationship after all. But he could never expect that his girl would end up cheating on him with his best friend.


7. She never supported his dreams if it meant she had to make compromises in the process.

It was all about convenience for her. She was always willing to do whatever it took to sustain the relationship so as long as she didn’t have to inconvenience herself. She was never willing to support him with his dreams if it meant that she had to make some compromises of her own.

8. She never made him feel like anything he did could ever be good enough for her.

He would try to move mountains and rivers for her but she never even gave him so much as a “thank you” for his efforts. He got tired. He was essentially trying to please a girl who just couldn’t be pleased and he just had to call it quits for his own sake.

9. They were fit to be in a relationship, but they weren’t fit to have children together.

Sometimes, a couple can be great in a relationship together until children start getting into a picture. This particular man said that things were going smoothly until the kids came along. It turns out that they were great as a couple, but they weren’t very good as parents.

10. They weren’t able to develop a rhythm in the bedroom.

S7x is a big issue for a lot of couples, and this man truly believed that their inability to develop a good kind of chemistry in the bedroom is the reason why they didn’t last for very long. They both felt that they needed to seek s4xual satisfaction elsewhere.