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13 Most Common Style Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older


As we get older we start paying more and more attention to our clothes. We are checking fashion blogs, as we want to stay up to date and to wear cool outfit. There is another aim that we are chasing.

We don’t want to look old, because of our outlook. Thus, we are trying to buy clothes for younger people. We can’t even assume that they work against us. They make us look older, not younger. There are more style mistakes that can make you look older. Today we will tell you about them. After you read this post, you will become more proficient image maker. Hope, you will like it.

1. Oversized clothes. Don’t play with them. You will look more malish, but not younger. So, it is better to select your size.

2. Too short skirts. It may look ridiculous and vulgar. So, be careful, when you pick a new skirt next time.

3. Too high heels. First of all, your shoes need to be comfortable. You won’t look any better, if you wear designer’s shoes that you can’t walk in.

4. Mom jeans. You can wear them, only if you want to look more “mom”, which we believe is not true.

5. Wrong size bra. You won’t believe it, but even this detail can give your real age up and even make you look older. Make sure your bra is of a right size.

6. Don’t give your preferences to skirts, which are too long.The maximum length, which we recommend you is the middle of the ankle.

7. Wearing scarfs. Wearing scarfs, when it is not cold outside won’t make you look any younger. So, you’d better avoid them.

8. Don’t hide your neck. If you want to look younger, make sure your neck is opened. Appropriate décolletage will also look good.

9. Too stretchy jeans. Jeans are supposed to make your shape visually smaller and to tight you up.The right size of jeans follow your silhouette.

10. Jersey fabric. Trust us, it won’t give you the best shape. What is more, it can make you look baggy.

11. Geeky glasses. Smart is new sexy. We bet that you have heard that. So, glasses can make you look more seductive, unless they are geeky.

12. Make sure you wear an office jacket of your size. It should be right shaped. In case it is bigger than it is supposed to be, it will add a couple of years to your age.

13. Don’t wear too much of black color. It may prevent you from looking fresh and young, even though, black is the most elegant color.

We wish you a day that is sunny, lucky and fulfilling in every way.


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